One list I make everyday

Gratitude List

Sorry for the radio silence. I took an unplanned break!

If you don’t know already now you know that I am a list maker ….whether I make a to-do list or not I definitely make a gratitude list.

Each day I write down at least three things I am grateful for. It doesn’t have to be a big thing because the small things matter too. Side note: I recently read somewhere (sorry, don’t remember the source) that gratitude is a great way to encounter privilege and that is so true. We acquire things, accomplish goals and think we must get all we desire all the while forgetting what we have been given.

Must admit, it’s not always easy coming up with 3 things to be grateful for is hard. Like when I was unwell and alone!  But it’s a great practice to put me in right frame, develop skill of appreciation by trying to find the good in the bad. Some days there are way more than 3 things to be grateful for, those are usually awesome days.

I started this experiment on 1/1 and I have been writing this list for 235 days and I am very pleased. The thing I have learnt with keeping and working on any goal is; prepare for it. So on first Jan I added this for all 365 days in my planner.

Gratitude List

Gratitude List

Most days I am grateful for simple things like my view, where I live, milk in the fridge (so I don’t have to go out to get it), long walks and Internet. If I am struggling to think of items to put on my gratitude list, I try and think through questions like, What relationships do I have? What do I take for granted? What freedoms, unique abilities, and options do I have that others don’t? What advantages have I been given in life?

Your turn: what are you grateful for today?