Daily Goal Tracker – Update #habitprogress

I am a goal setter, I tend to do set 7-10 goal during the New Years and review/tweak around my birthday (in June – I know it’s perfect!)

Daily Goal Tracker

On Jan 2015 I decided to re-engineer my morning routine (actually, build a morning routine). This involved waking up an hour before I usually do and developing the following ritual:

  • Hydration – I came across some research in 2014 that drinking water in the morning has a lot of benefits so I decided to start my morning routine by drinking around 400 ml – 500ml every morning. We are never more dehydrated than after waking up. More on this HERE.
  • Silence/Meditation (20 minutes)  – this was hardest part of my morning routine and I am still struggling with it. My monkey mind just won’t calm down, I tried to reduce it from 20 minutes to 15 and even 10 minutes but it didn’t work. I decided against using guided meditation apps (like calm, headspace etc.) as I see them as crutches to try and accomplish one thing I get dependent on other. Sometime in September I gave up and instead decided to do read prayer for 15 minutes.
  • Gratitude List (5 minute) – I have blogged about this before, I tried to write a gratitude list everyday of 2015. It felt this was the best part of my morning routine and it really helped me shift my perspective. I use my passion planner to make the list – it is the best planning tool and you can even download the planner template for free.
  • Read (20 minutes) – after making the gratitude list I read (or listen to) a book for 20 minutes.
  • Exercise (15 minutes) – had no real plan as to what I will do during this time. I started with doing some stretches and later in the year I decided to do sun salutations.

If this is something that fascinates you I would recommend visiting this – it has a lot of inspiring morning routines. Just a warning though, prepare to lose hours browsing the site.

Daily Goal Tracker

Analyst in me wants to review how did I do? what habit do I want to build next year? what would I change? What worked and what didn’t? Here is a snapshot of how I did:

Tracking habit progress

Not bad, right? Most of the practices above are now ingrained in my morning routine. It is the best $4 I spent in 2015. You can buy the 2016 edition here. For inspiration search #habitprgress on Instagram or click here and some ideas of things to do everday, here

Daily Goal Tracker

I have decided on what I want to accomplish in 2016. I have made a list of 10 goals, some monthly, some daily, some quarterly and a few annual. As far as daily goal is concerned, I will be using the same daily tracker and aim to journal every day. I have kept a gratitude list for a good part of 2015. Next year I want to take it to the next level. I will be blogging more about how I plan to journal everyday next year, resources etc. Stay tuned.