Journaling – Daily Habit (2016)

Daily Journal

Happy 2016!! As mentioned in the last post, I am committing to journaling 366 days in 2016. I worked on developing on a morning routine in 2015 and as a part of it I wrote gratitude list. This year I will be taking it to the next level and will be journaling everyday. I will be using the daily tracker (available here) for tracking the progress. If you are into, the Way of Life app does the same thing and produces weekly, monthly graphs with the data.

One thing I know, in order to accomplish a goal is to prepare for success and remove roadblocks – to ensure I don’t miss a day, notebooks are purchased, journal prompts are download. For days when I have only 5 minutes I will journal in 5 minute journal – all this to minimise the time it will take to decide what to journal on.

When I started thinking of my 2016 goals I had decided to commit to more writing this year and what better way to practice then in a journal. I read the Journal to Self by Kathleen Adams and was sold on benefits of journaling. I highly recommend it. 5 minute journal

Once a week I intend to exercise my idea muscle (metaphorically speaking). I cam across the book, Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century  by James Altucher – this has 180 prompts.

Idea Journal


Journaling Prompts

While getting lost in journaling flip-through Youtube videos, I came across this video about a journaling project called “365 Grateful,” launched by a young woman who was struggling with meaninglessness. A nun told her to start keeping a gratitude journal…very inspiring, do watch.

I love a good project. I love a good challenge. Do you journal? I would love to hear any recommendations or resources you might have for me.