Pocket Notebooks

Like sketchbooks, I like to make my own pocket notebooks. It must be something in weather as I had previously made these first in January 2013. I am a stationery lover and  prefer to take notes and make lists on paper. I usually have a pocket notebooks in my purse, one on kitchen top, one on office desk, one for performing calculations while reading this book on property investment.

DIY Pocket Notebook

I recently bought Moleskine Cahier notebooks. I loved the size and wanted to try a budget-friendly version, inspired by these favourite Moleskine notebooks. These are cost-effective and you can make over 5-7 pocket notebooks in under an hour. These were so easy and fun to make…I ended up making quite a few (well over 12!) some with decorative paper, handmade papers, some plain printer paper and a few with graph paper. Next I want to make the ones with cute button as closure.

This is the tutorial I found easy to follow.

Easy to make pocket notebooks

Don’t forget to leave the notebook under a pile of books overnight to make it lay flat. An then your notebook is ready for brilliant ideas!