Visual Thinking

Last week I took a Visual Thinking class on Skillshare (*referral link), taught by Catherine Madden and I wanted to tell you about it!

It’s was quick, easy and well structured. I like to take a lot of notes during meeting and have come across a research that sketchnoting makes us better listener as we are forced to not copy everything the presenter is saying but to listen and make note of selective/important stuff.

The project for the class was to submit at least one page of sketchnotes, based on content from a short TED talk or another Skillshare class. 

I chose, Follow the Money by Chris Anderson.

Visual Thinking Project

While I have a steep learning curve, I like how this is presented and the possibilities it offers.
Must admit it does help in better engagement with the content and hence, retention.

Visual Thinking Handwriting

The class started with selecting a handwriting which is legible and we are comfortable with.

Visual Thinking Dictionary

Next was the visual alphabet, drawing concepts, faces, people, emotions etc,

During the class and since taking the course I have come across the following resources – might be useful if like me this subject fascinates you.

My word for 2016 is Grow and to me growth is continual learning and learning new things, concepts, ideas, makes me happy. With that goal in mind, I plan to fully use my Skillshare membership this year.

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PS. If you signup for Skillshare, using the links above, you’ll get a free month and I will get one month free too!