Jericho Nail Kit Review

A persistent sales consultant manage to sell this to me while I was stolling by Trinity Centre in Aberdeen.
She grabbed my hand and started buffing it – I like to keep my nails natuaral with no nail polish
After a 15-minute sales talk/demo and good discount I decided to buy the kit. She needed the sale to achieve her targets and I needed to look after my nails without having to get them done every 3 weeks, so a win win!

The Nail Kit comes in a box with instructions and would make a good gift too.

Nail Kit

Dead Sea Nail Kit Contains:

Nail Buffer
I will start with the best part of the nail kit.
The four-sided Nail Buffer is large enough to handle comfortably. It’s been over three weeks since I buffed my nails and they are still shiny! During the demo I was blown away by the results this buffer could achieve, I asked if I could buy only the buffer but unfortunately it is not sold as a standalone item.

Cuticle Oil (10ml)
The Cuticle Oil is pleasantly non-greasy. Other than that noting special, the application is easy, the bottle is easy to handle. I normally put this on at night. I have noticed also the skin around my cuticles and nails is also looking for nourished.

Hand and Body Lotion
The Hand and Body Lotion comes in a generous 150 ml.
It’s moisturising without being sticky.

Standard Nail File
This is just a standard nail file, nothing special which is fine if you now how to use without damaging your fingernails.

Made in Israel from dead sea minerals, also contains Vitamin E and Aloe-Vera extract; my hands and cuticles feel really nice after using this. I bought this in January 2016 and have been using it since. Must admit, I am impressed by results. As you can see my nails look good, there is no chipping, there are no deep ridges showing anymore, the surface of my nails is smooth and shiny. They also feel very strong!

Nail Kit

You can find Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics kiosks in shopping centres and on ebay. If you decide to buy at shopping centre, do ask for discount, I felt they are always open to offering discounts as they have sales target to hit.

I hope my review of nail kit was helpful to you; I do think this is a good value for money for keeping my nail in great shape.