Giving Away My Art – Pay What You Want

Last to last year on a podcast, I came across a Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing model. It was the first time I was hearing it and found myself intrigued.

Paintings shop

It took me only 18 months (haha!) to figure out how to implement this in my own work.

For me making art is easy; it is a release and about the experience of making, creating something with my hands – it is my deepest meditation. To put a price tag on the end product would be headache inducing exercise of accounting for the hours dreaming a piece, the time, the failures, the mistakes, the re-dos and the successes. As making art for me is such a introspective experience, selling the work is scary and pricing it is scarier.

You might recall in September 2014, I had set myself a challenge of creating everyday for 30 days – then I listed those items on Etsy, while I did sell some, donated some to charity auctions, I didn’t like the experience as am I always uncertain, if I am underpricing or over valuing my work – for all these reasons PWYW appealed to me, somewhat like a meeting place between Free and Fixed Price.

I thought this blog will be a perfect place to experiment this, I researched and learnt how to install an eCommerce plugin to my WordPress site, broke the site thrice, fixed it, scanned paintings, took pictures, wrote descriptions and listed them all here.  I have tested the pages, fuelled by caffeine and total 21 hours of work – they seem to be working but if you come across any typos or errors please email me, colourfulcorner(at)

You will need a Paypal account to buy the paintings. If you you decide to pick one (or two pieces), thank you for your support, I am honoured and grateful to know that my painting will be going to a good home. Even though, I have left a suggested price, don’t feel like it is the minimum price, it is there because WordPress wants me to put something in the price box. You can get any piece you like from as little as £1.00 – I do charge a flat rate shipping of £4.00 for UK and abroad.

I believe art matters, I will continue to make, experiment and share. 🙂