Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing

To mark a recent promotion at work and as a treat to myself, I decided to join Traveler’s notebook craze. The decision wasn’t easy, as a typical questioner I made a pro con list and after much deliberation decided to get ZLYC traveler’s notebook. I plan to use this from September. First impression, I love the craftsmanship of these notebooks.

I played safe and didn’t get the Midori Traveler’s notebook as I don’t for how long I could stay happy with just one notebook. I tend to get bored easily and likes to mix things up, including my notebooks. I plan on making my own inserts, but I am not sure how much customisation is possible in these traveler’s notebooks.

Traveler's Notebook

I decided to share my excitement in this unboxing and hope you enjoy watching.

Traveler's notebook inserts

Traveler’s notebook inserts – made and ready to go.