My name is Tanu. I live in the UK with my husband.When I am not blogging I work as Business Analyst. Previously I have worked in Digital Marketing agency and have a passion for all things online, particularly SEO but I hardly talk about those things here. As far as education is concerned I have an MBA with engineering background.
This is my personal blog, I started this blog for the same reason everyone does – I thought I had something interesting to say. I blog about my attempts at “making things”, playing with colours and paper crafts especially quilling. Here at Colourful Corner I like to document my journey of things I make, see, use or read.
I like – pretty stationery, I adore paint on my nails, which are almost always not on trend :), polka dots, reading (books & blogs), zumbering, designs based around shapes, maps and making lists!
I hate – bitching, excessive/mindless chatter, Facebook, raw turnip…
I firmly believe in:
  • Kaizen philosophy (slow continuous improvement) -where “perfection” is not the aim, but rather, “perpetual, positive improvement every day.” 
  • Life is what you make it so go make it count!
  • You always have a choice so do so wisely
  • There’s no win in comparison.

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Updated: 27/04/2015