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Clear Mental Clutter by Achieving Inbox Zero Everyday

My word for the year 2017 is space. All of my goals for 2017 are focussed on one thing creating Space be it physical or be it mental. Today I want to talk about making space in my brain, by, clearing clutter. One form of mental clutter is emails. I don’t talk about it much…

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harness your stubborness

On stubbornness

I recently read this book by Jeff Goins. In the book he talks about harnessing your stubbornness. One should be stubborn on vision but flexible on details. It is easy to get caught up in details. Real artists think of legacy, they think big picture. They are fixated on destination but not on how to get…

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Generate blog post ideas

Blog Title Ideas – Free Tools

In the spirit of last week’s post where I shared a free tool to generate headlines. This week I thought I will share few resources which are super handy for generating blog posts ideas. I also use these free sites to help me out. Generate Blog Post Ideas: Blog Title Generator Tweakyourbiz Title Generator  Blog…

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